They shared every second of their lives together until last month.  But Jadon and Anias McDonald, twins conjoined at the crown of their heads, never caught a glimpse of their closest companion.  In October, the 13-month-old boys were successfully separated in a grueling, life-threatening 27-hour operation at Montefiore Hospital. And a month later, as they make an historically rapid recovery, they have been pictured looking at each other for the first time. Staring, open-mouthed, they both look stunned. The pair will be moved to a rehab facility shortly after Thanksgiving, six weeks after surgery. It is the fastest recovery for separation of craniopagus twins (conjoined at the head) in history, beating the previous record of eight weeks

Like all two-year-olds, twin sisters Eva and Erika Sandoval are excitable, playful, and beginning to develop mentally and physically. But their progress is tinged with tragedy. Eva and Erika are conjoined twins, attached from the sternum down to the pelvis. They share a digestive system, a uterus, and a third leg with a seven-toed foot. As they grow, they are experiencing more and more health concerns. They have been hospitalized with dozens of urinary tract infections and countless cases of dehydration. Now, their parents Aida and Arturo have made the painstaking decision to attempt separating them - in a procedure that carries a 30 percent risk that either will die. Eva will likely keep their bladder, while Erika gets a colostomy bag. Erika, the weaker twin, may keep their third leg while Eva gets the other two. Both will be missing vital body parts; both will need significant reconstruction of their lower bodies. It is one of the most complicated procedures surgeons at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford have ever faced - so complicated that the operation keeps getting pushed back.

Americas|Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary Who Defied US, Dies at 90

The attempted #attack comes a year after #terrorism that killed 130 people
French officials arrested five #ISIS affiliates planning a Dec. 1 terrorist attack in the country, law enforcement officials said Friday.

The men were under the guidance of a coordinator in the Middle East and had obtained an “arsenal of weapons,” according to an NBC News report. They were arrested Sunday but officials only made the plot public on Friday using anti-terrorism rules to extend the length of time they could be held without charges.

The attempted terrorist act comes just a year after 130 were killed in a series of coordinated attacks in Paris. The country remains in a state of emergency following that incident.

Officials said the suspects had searched potential sites to attack but the police did not identify potential targets.

 extra-super supermoon is rising this evening, and you don’t want to miss it.
Tonight’s full moon will appear bigger and brighter in the night sky than it has in nearly 70 years, and all you have to do to witness its shining glory is look up. 
“Supermoon” is a non-technical term for a moon that turns full at the same time it hits perigee — the point on its orbit when it is closest to Earth. The moon’s path around our planet is shaped more like an oval than a circle, so there are times when it is closer to us (perigee) and times when it is farther away (apogee).
Supermoons occur about once every 14 months on average. However, Sunday night’s supermoon is extra super because the moon will be even closer to Earth than usual.

At its closest approach, the moon will be 221,524 miles from our planet, compared with an average distance of  238,900 miles. 
The last time the moon sailed this close to Earth was on Jan. 26, 1948, when it came 30 miles closer. The next time won’t be until Nov. 24, 2034, when the distance between the two bodies will be 40 miles less.
Why does the distance between the Earth and the moon fluctuate so much? 
As Bob King explained in Sky & Telescope, the shape of the moon’s orbit varies due to the ever-changing distances and relative position of the sun, moon and Earth. Thanks to variations in these gravitational forces, the moon’s orbit is sometimes more oval shaped, and other times more like a circle.
“When more oval, the Moon’s perigee point gets unusually close to Earth, and if a full Moon arrives at that point, it will be considerably closer to us than during those times when the lunar orbit more closely resembles a circle,” King wrote.
Astronomers warn that some skywatchers may be disappointed by this particular lunar show. At its closest (3:23 a.m. Monday morning) the lunar disk will appear 7% larger across, and 16% brighter than an average moon. Many people will not notice a difference, they warn.
But I say — don’t underestimate the power of suggestion. If you take a minute to gaze upon our glowing, gorgeous moon, and remember that it is closer to us right now than it has been in more than half a century, I bet you anything it will look a little more special and super than usual.
US President-elect Donald Trump has awarded key roles in his incoming team to a top Republican party official and a right-wing media chief.
Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), will be his chief of staff.
In this role, he will set the tone for the new White House and act as a conduit to Congress and the government.
Stephen Bannon, from the Breitbart News Network, will serve as Mr Trump's chief strategist.
Mr Bannon stepped aside as executive chairman of Breitbart - a combative conservative site with an anti-establishment agenda that critics accuse of xenophobia and misogyny - to act as Mr Trump's campaign chief.
An outspoken critic of Trump, he was one of the few to predict that the billionaire would win the race to the White House.
Speaking on a TV show on Friday, Moore said that Trump will not last for four years and that his presidency will end either in his resignation or impeachment.
“Here’s what’s going to happen, this is why we’re not going to have to suffer through four years of Donald J Trump, because he has no ideology except the ideology of Donald J Trump,” he said on MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe.'
“And when you have a narcissist like that, who’s so narcissistic where it’s all about him, he will, maybe unintentionally, break laws. He will break laws because he’s only thinking about what’s best for him.”
He also called Trump a “racist”, a “misogynist” and an “authoritarian”.
Hillary Clinton attends an event where she addressed her staff and supporters about the results of the election in New York, US, Nov 9, 2016. Reuters
But while giving the influential post to the low-key Priebus, Trump handed another senior White House job to rabble-rousing conservative media figure Stephen Bannon, his campaign chairman who helped engineer his surprise victory on Tuesday over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Priebus is a friend of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan, who distanced himself from Trump during the campaign but embodies the Republican establishment in Washington and will play a critical role in shepherding Trump's agenda in Congress. Both Priebus and Ryan are from Wisconsin.
But Bannon, former head of the right-wing Breitbart News website, has been fiercely critical of Ryan.
Trump's statement announcing the appointments said Bannon and Priebus would be "working as equal partners to transform the federal government," with Bannon serving as chief strategist and senior counsellor to the president.
The White House chief of staff serves as a gatekeeper and agenda-setter for the president, but Trump's statement mentioned Bannon's job first.
"I am thrilled to have my very successful team continue with me in leading our country," Trump said in a statement. "Steve and Reince are highly qualified leaders who worked well together on our campaign and led us to a historic victory. Now I will have them both with me in the White House."
Before joining Trump's team, Bannon spearheaded Breitbart's shift into a forum for the "alt-right," a loose online confederation of neo-Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Semitics. Bannon's hiring by Trump's campaign this year signalled the businessman's dedication to operating outside the norms of Washington.
Under Bannon's leadership, the Breitbart site presented a number of conspiracy theories about Clinton as well as Republicans deemed to be lacking in conservative bona fides.
Critics have accused Bannon of harbouring anti-Semitic and white nationalist sentiments. In a 2007 court filing during divorce proceedings, Bannon's former wife accused him of making anti-Semitic comments on at least three occasions.
As head of Breitbart, he repeatedly attacked the Republican Party establishment including Ryan, alienating many veteran Republicans. Bannon showed his willingness to engage in brutal political tactics when he instigated the appearance before a presidential debate of three women who said they had been sexually abused by his Democratic rival's husband, former President Bill Clinton.
Trump, who will succeed Democratic President Barack Obama on Jan. 20, has been contemplating the candidates for top jobs in the White House and in various Cabinet positions since Tuesday's victory.
Priebus' appointment could anger some hardline Trump supporters who were counting on Trump to keep his campaign promise to "drain the swamp" of business-as-usual Washington insiders.
Priebus is a longtime Wisconsin political operative who was credited with marshalling party resources for Trump's White House bid. The Republican National Committee stepped in and ran most of the party's get-out-the-vote effort this year in the absence of such an operation by the Trump campaign.
While some Republicans fled from Trump during the campaign, Priebus was unwavering in his backing for the New York real estate developer.
Priebus frequently travelled with Trump on the campaign trail and was seen as a positive force who helped rein in the unpredictable Trump in the closing weeks. Trump made his high regard for Priebus known on election night when he pulled him to the microphone to take a bow for his campaign efforts.

Canada has a vibrant economy, beautiful natural scenery, and a rich history. It is no wonder that many U.S. citizens are considering how to immigrate to Canada. There are several types of immigration programs you can apply through to gain permanent residency in Canada. You just have to know which ones will be best for your situation, and be patient in the process.

Donald Trump is projected to win the state of Georgia
In a campaign speech Monday, Donald Trump made comments on the FBI's conclusion that they wouldn't change their ruling after sifting through more than 600,000 more emails.
Future President of the United States Donald Trump married former Slovenia model and professional gold digger Melania Knauss back in 2005. While Melania is certainly a tremendous upgrade in looks from the she-boon gorilla faced First Lady that inhabits the White House now, she is still just as big of a degenerate slt.

As you can see in the photos below, numerous hot and nearly bad photos of Melania Trump have been uncovered from her modeling days back in Slovenia, when she would do pretty much anything on camera for half a radish and an extra serving of gruel.

No doubt our virile Muslim brothers in Bosnia and Herzegovina had a good time banging out Melania’s hot  back in the day when these photos were taken. This would of course explain The Donald’s passionate stance against illegal immigrants, for he probably recently found a Mexican family of eight living quite comfortably inside of Melania’s cavernous cock box.

Where does Melania Trump come from? 

Born Melania Knauss, the potential First Lady was born in 1970 in the small town of Sevnica in Solvenia.
The attractive young woman began her modelling career at the age of just 16 and signed with a modeling agency in Milan at 18.
After studying design and architecture at university in Slovenia, she started to jet between the fashion capitals of Milan and Paris.
As well as working with top photographers and appearing in high-profile campaigns, she has also launched her own jewellery and skincare collections. 
Trump's wife rejected claims that he is a misogynist after video footage showed Donald Trump boasting about groping women.

Melania dismissed his lewd remarks as “boy talk”, adding: "I was surprised, because that is not the man that I know.

“I said to my husband that, you know, the language is inappropriate. It's not acceptable," she told CNN.

A number of women have came forward with historic allegations of sexual assault against Mr Trump – all of which he has strongly denied.

Donald Trump has spent much of this election behaving like an awful bully, so it's only appropriate that the world honor him with a page in the Mean Girls Burn Book. Some wonderful genius has dedicated one such page, memorializing the Republican presidential nominee in a way that would have made Regina George proud.
"This man is the nastiest skank  I've ever met," reads the caption over a photo of the candidate. "DO NOT TRUST HIM. He is a fugly slut."

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